Learn with Smart Learners

Clearways has recently purchased e-books issued by Smart Learners with the intention of giving pupils handouts for the different subjects covered during the driving training programme. The detailed diagrams give guidance as to what is required on test and how deal with all forms of junctions and manoeuvres safely. But we believe that these e-books would be very helpful to parents and friends when taking out pupils for private tuition, as it is possible to print off pages of subjects that you require.

These e-books are normally sold to pupils but we have decided to allow free access to Clearways pupils. They can be accessed via the link on the website and require a password which your Instructor will give to you.

Please remember that they to be used as a guide and the subjects covered maybe taught slightly differently by your Instructor. Lessons are structured and taught in a fashion to meet individual needs and the manoeuvres may also be slightly different dependant on the visibility you have in the car.

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