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There are many life-changing benefits to becoming an ADI (fully qualified Driving Instructor): being your own boss, less stress and working to a timetable that suits you. It is not easy to pass the three exams to become an ADI, despite what you may read in the adverts or what you see on TV, but it is achievable.

There are three separate exams commonly known as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 1

Part 1 is a test in two parts. The first is a multiple choice test of a 100 questions with a required pass mark of 85%. It is split into 4 sections each with a minimum pass mark of 80%. The 4 sections are:

The second part is the Hazard Perception test, which is a series of 14 video clips that contains 15 developing hazards. There is a maximum marks of 5 per hazard and the pass mark is 57 out of 75.

You can take this test as many times as necessary to pass.

You have a 2 year time limit from the date of passing Part 1 to pass Parts 2 & 3.

Part 2

Part 2 is an advanced driving test to a high standard. You would be expected to show knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety and that you can apply them. The test last for an hour and includes driving on all types of roads including Motorways. You would also be expected to demonstrate you ability to perform the following manoeuvres:

You are allowed a maximum of 6 minor driving faults.

You are allowed three attempts only to pass Part 2. If you fail you must for the 2 year time limit to pass before re-applying to become a Driving Instructor.

Part 3

Part 3 is a test of your instruction and the ability to pass your knowledge onto pupils. The test is split into 2 parts each approximately half an hour and you must pass both parts. In the first part the examiner take the role of a beginner or a learner with limited driving knowledge and you would be expected to teach the 'pupil' a new subject. In the second part the examiner take the role a 'pupil' about test standard or a qualified driver that needs guidance or remedial training on a certain aspect of driving.

There are 10 preset tests covering all aspects of driving. You will need full in depth understanding of the subjects and to be able to impart your knowledge to the 'pupil' to successfully pass the exam.

You are allowed three attempts only to pass Part 3, if you fail the 2 year rule applies.

The last published National average exam pass rates are:

Pass Rate Comparison
  National Pass Rate Clearways Pass Rate
Part 1 51% 100%
Part 2 45% 100%
Part 3 28% 86%

Clearways have successfully trained ADI's over many years and, although not everyone becomes fully qualified, we have an above average pass rate on all three exams required for qualification.

Trainees are taught on a one-to-one basis, not 2 or 3 people to a car, so training sessions are designed specifically for you. This method of training contributes to a high pass rate.

Instructor Training Courses

The cost of the full course for Parts 1,2 & 3 and including all books CD-ROMs and training materials is £1,875.00. The cost of the training can be paid as you go as follows:

Additional costs would be for the exams which are: Part 1 �90.00, Parts 2 & 3 �111.00 each. Some Training Organisations build in the cost of 3 exams for the Parts 2 & 3 into their prices, but we believe that you should only pay for the exams that you require.

After passing Part 2 it is possible to apply for a 6 month PDI licence, at cost of £140.00, to enable you to gain teaching experience to prepare you for the Part 3 exam. This is not essential and the DSA are considering phasing out this interim licence.

Once you have passed your Part 3 exam you then have to apply for an ADI licence, currently £300.00, which is issued for 4 years. During that time you will be reassessed, firstly with an 'educational' assessment normally within 6 months to a year of passing the Part 3, and then a Check Test within 2 years. If you are assessed at grade 4 you will be Check Tested within another 2 years, if you attain a grade 5 or 6 it will be 4 years.

When you pass you will be guaranteed a position with Clearways.

Call 01375 374832 or email enquire@clearways-som.co.uk for more enquire about Driving Instructor training.

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