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There are male and female instructors and dual controlled manual and automatic cars. All Clearways instructors are trained to deal with nervous or anxious pupils and will make you feel calm and relaxed in the car. Pupils are taught safe driving to a high standard to enable them to deal with difficult situations when driving by themselves after passing the test.

It's important that the Instructor creates a good teaching atmosphere in the car and that you enjoy your lessons as you will progress at a faster rate and require less lessons to attain test standard.

Lesson Pricing Structure
    per hour
Manual Daytimes, evenings and weekends £24.00
Automatic Daytimes, evenings and weekends £25.00

Lessons are normally 1 hour but you can book 1½ or 2 hour lessons.

Block bookings

Special rates are offered for block bookings. Fees are paid in advance, but unlike other driving schools if for any reason you wish to cancel lessons any outstanding monies will be paid back to you.

First Time Drivers
    10 hours 5 hours
Manual Daytimes, evenings and weekends £210.00 £105.00
Automatic Daytimes, evenings and weekends £220.00 £110.00
Drivers with previous experience
    10 hours 5 hours
Manual Daytimes, evenings and weekends £230.00 £115.00
Automatic Daytimes, evenings and weekends £240.00 £120.00

Gift vouchers are available for Christmas and Birthdays.

Intensive Courses

These are not very successful as cramming 40 odd hours tuition into a very short period of time is a difficult way to learn. We would suggest 'accelerated learning', whereby you start off with 2 hours per week, and when you have passed your theory test, increase your weekly lessons. Then on the advice of your Instructor book the test and together you can work towards the test date.

Refresher Lessons

These lessons are tailored to suit individual needs and cover a variety of subjects: - Motorway driving, in town driving, parking and reverse parking and building of confidence for those who feel anxious or have not driven for sometime.

Pass Plus

This is a scheme for people who have recently passed their test, developed by the Driving Standards Agency, to take their driving skills to a higher standard. It is a specific syllabus covering night driving, all weather driving, motorway driving, town driving, out of town and rural road driving and dual carriageways. There is not a test to pass. It consists of a minimum of 6 hours with an instructor and the instructor has to sign off a training form to confirm that you have reached the required standard. This is then sent to the DSA who will issue you with a Pass Plus certificate.

It is a government-based scheme and participating insurance companies will reduce your premiums when you have successfully gained your certificate.

Motorway Lessons

You are not allowed to drive on a Motorway until you have successfully passed your test. Motorway driving is covered in the Pass Plus course, but if you decide not take the Pass Plus we would urge you to have a 2 hour Motorway lesson.

Safe Motorway driving requires different skills to those used on other roads. It requires earlier planning, more awareness of the constantly changing traffic around you and to be able to anticipate other drivers actions.

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